Who is PIR for?

Loddon Mallee Murray PIR is for people:

  • aged 18 years or over
  • who are diagnosed with, or appear to have, mental illness that is severe and persistent
  • with complex needs that require support from more than one service
  • who require assistance to get the help they need from support services
  • who have no coordination arrangements of support services in place (or have coordination arrangements that are not working)
  • who are keen to work with us to make things better
  • who live in the Loddon Mallee Murray region


Information we will need to know to help us determine if a person is eligible includes:

  • date of birth
  • current mental health diagnosis – if there is one
  • information on any services and supports currently in place
  • any other health or social issues that the person might need help with


We also need to know the person’s contact details.


To find out more about PIR

  • call us: 03 5441 7004
  • send us a letter: PO Box 2220, Bendigo Delivery Centre, 3554
  • fax us: 03 5441 4454


Please note, referrals can also be made by the individual or by any health or social service.