In May 2014 our Reference Group (RG) confirmed six system change priority areas (see below). This has since been expanded to include a seventh area.

  1. Improve service co-ordination
  2. Improve physical health
  3. Improve understanding of mental illness and recovery-focused practice and reduce stigma
  4. Promote consumer and carer voices
  5. Improve access to housing
  6. Improve access to mental health services in rural and remote areas
  7. Improve access to employment and volunteering

A variety of approaches are in place to act on these areas.

For example, some priority areas (such as Improve physical health and Improve access to housing) are being approached through a working group model, whilst other areas are populated with designated actions and individual strategies for delivering systemic change.

Loddon Mallee Murray PIR has also used an Innovation Fund process to identify and support 13 projects aimed at delivering change against these priority areas to date.