Partners in Recovery Manager

The PIR manager, employed by the lead agency, oversees the implementation, operation and strategic direction of the PIR initiative.

Partners in Recovery Coordinators

PIR Coordinators, employed by the lead agency, support the delivery of PIR both at a strategic and operational level. Specific duties of individual PIR Coordinators vary. Lead roles split between the cocoordinators include the areas of intake, mentoring, communications, learning and development, development of PIR for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, evaluation, client information management system and contracts monitoring. PIR Coordinators also hold responsibility for resourcing specific systems change priority areas. All PIR Coordinators have a role in delivering system level improvements and reform.

Support Facilitators

Support Facilitators are the main PIR workforce and are employed by our contracted agencies.

Support Facilitators receive referrals and carry out comprehensive needs assessments with clients. They engage and collaborate with clients, carers and relevant services to develop, implement, monitor and maintain multi agency action plans tailored to meet clients’ holistic recovery needs. They convene and chair action team meetings and review progress against desired outcomes. In addition to individual client work, they promote PIR, and contribute to mapping of service systems. Importantly, support facilitators identify and implement system level solutions where opportunities arise to improve service system responses to the broader population of people who have severe and persistent mental illness in the LMM region.