Loddon Mallee Murray Partners in Recovery

Partners in Recovery (PIR) is an initiative of the Federal Government to better support people, living in the Loddon Mallee Murray region, experiencing severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs. PIR assists with the multiple sectors, services and supports they come into contact with, and could benefit from, to work in a more collaborative, coordinated and integrated way.

Who is it for?

PIR aims to help people who:

  • Have long-term, severe problems with their mental health
  • Have complex needs that can’t be addressed by just one support service
  • Can’t get the help they need from other places
  • Want to work with someone to make things better.

How do we help?

We employ support facilitators to walk alongside our clients to help them get the support they need.

Our support facilitators help clients to:

  • Make plans about working towards recovery
  • Find the right places to get help
  • Make sure that different services meet their needs
  • Co-ordinate different services
  • Solve practical problems – like housing and health needs
  • Keep working towards recovery
  • Make sure that clients don’t fall between the gaps in services.